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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Steven Turner campaign kicks off

Steven Turner kicked off his campaign for the TN House 58th District tonight at the Werthan Mills Lofts. It was a nice evening for it as the rain held off, at least while I was there. The crowd was a mixture of people from the district, young Democrats, and progressive activists and bloggers. It was great to meet Ilissa Gold, as I have admired her work for the last couple of years. The California Prop 8 decision was on the minds of more than a few folks and we got to chat about that as well as events in Shelby County today.

As might be expected, everyone attending was enthusiastic about Turner's campaign. I think he'll have a strong volunteer base from which to draw. He's been out knocking on doors and meeting the people of the district. Facing a long-term incumbent is always tough, but he has made a strong start.

*Note: TEP PAC has not made an endorsement in the race. The race is interesting because so far it's one of the few that we know will be contested in Davidson County.


GoldnI said...

It was great meeting you too!

Mary Mancini said...

Nice, strong crowd. And a nice, strong, candidate. Good base, excellent ideas, and some strong substance.