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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Open Letter to Andy Sere of the NRCC

In response to Andy Sere of the National Republican Congressional Committee:

Mr. Sere,
I was disappointed to see the text of an email you sent out about State Sen. Roy Herron at this link .

You are mistaken in many of your assertions. First, Out & About Newspaper did not endorse Roy Herron. One blogger at the paper spoke favorably about him.

Second, you used the phrase "special rights." Being free of discrimination is not special. Why do you hate your fellow Americans and their freedoms?

And why do you support an adoption ban that would cost our state and federal governments a few million dollars and leave children without loving homes? Are you not fiscally conservative? Are you anti-family?

Get your facts straight before you wade into Tennessee political waters again.
Chris Sanders
Board Chair
Tennessee Equality Project


zuzu said...

"Special rights" for gays ... that old discredited chestnut?!

The question is whether sexual orientation should be a factor in adoption decisions. I'm pretty sure everyone has a sexual orientation ... so how is it a "special right" for gays?

They really think people are stupid.

Anonymous said...