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Thursday, April 1, 2010

An accountability moment for the lives of our LGBT youth

Ahem. This post is addressed to the Tony Perkins, the "Rev." Steve Gaines, the "Rev." Alton Williams, "Bishop" Harry Jackson, David Fowler, . . . . . the list goes on. All of the above spoke, attended or supported the Stand for the Family Rally last Monday at Bellevue Baptist Church.

Your actions or lack of action have real consequences.

The lead story of the Memphis Flyer released today features the Youth Empowerment Services program of the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center. MGLCC is meeting a need previously unmet by the social safety net, churches and shelters of our community. They are rescuing the lesbian, gay, bi and transgender youth of our community who were kicked out of the homes of their families before they could provide for themselves. These are families who heard and continue to hear the same messages as delivered at last Monday's rally (See here, here, & here).

The moral failing of our society to love and cherish ALL of our children is clear. Any pastor, church, lobbyist, or talking head who calls homosexuality or gender variance sin in our society shares responsiblity for the homelessness of these youth. That message is breaking the lives of children and their families.

Let's give thanks for heroes like Deb & Steve Word, Elokin CaPece, Mark Brown, Mary Parks, Bob Loos, Mike LaBonte, Lisa Kurts-Crume, and Will Batts. They are helping to undo the sins of this cruel world.