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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ron Kirkland the prophet: National liberals are NOW coming after him

In yesterday's Jackson Sun, Dr. Ron Kirkland, candidate for TN's 8th district congressional seat, said that "liberal forces from all over the country" were attacking him. Presumably that letter was written on Saturday. At that point, the story wasn't national. Now it is. National gay blog Good As You called out Dr. Kirkland today:

Oh no, please, Mr. Kirkland -- do go ahead and describe it to us. We'd love to hear it. Really. It'd be somewhat refreshing in this world where brute injustices are often covered up with the constant claims that "gays are seeking special rights."

Think Progress has also picked up the story.

Dr. Kirkland may not be good at compassion, or good at interpreting the Constitution, but he does have the gift of prophecy. We've only been alerting our fellow Tennesseans to the story and asking them to contact him. But he has succeeded in getting the national attention he had predicted. Congratulations, Dr. Kirkland.

If any of you--whether you're part of the "liberal forces all over the country" or just a Tennessean who advocates equality--would like to contact the Kirkland campaign and register your opinion, you can do so at this link.

Update: Huffington Post , Memphian Evan Hurst at Truth Wins Out, and Bianca Phillips of the Memphis Flyer pick up the story.

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