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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Brunch: Letter about Memphis ordinance, Anti-gay push polling in Nashville area, and celebrations around the State

Yellin for Fairness in Memphis: Emily Yellin wrote a great letter to the editor that appeared in today's Commercial Appeal. She writes with urgency about the recently withdrawn employment non-discrimination ordinance:

...doesn't Memphis, in particular, have a special responsibility and obligation, forevermore, to go much further than any other city in the United States in explicitly ensuring that all of its city workers are protected against any kind of intolerance or unfair employment practices?

Isn't it incumbent upon our leaders, and all of us, to guarantee, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we will never again allow any unequal labor conditions to exist in this city that could set the stage for the kind of local suffering and national tragedy that took place here in 1968?

Dialing up the hate in Nashville: Yesterday we wrote a Facebook note on some anti-GLBT push polling going on the 5th Congressional District. It is apparently coming from David Hall's campaign in his effort to unseat Congressman Jim Cooper. I don't think he's going to get much traction with this tactic. First, anti-gay campaigning is so 2004--2006. Second, most people are focused on jobs and the economy. Third, um, we passed that little thing in Nashville called the non-discrimination ordinance and no one's head exploded. Fourth, the three people I know who received the call are all equality advocates. If Mr. Hall wants to motivate voters in East Nashville and Belmont-Hillsboro to turn out in big numbers in November, we won't stand in his way.

Celebrate good times, come on!: Despite the challenges, Tennessee's GLBT community knows how to celebrate the good things in life. On September 5, the TEP Tri-Cities Committee is throwing the first ever GLAMBOREE to raise money for the organization. Part drag show and part cookout, the event will definitely rock Johnson City like it's never been rocked before. And on September 15, the TEP Nashville Committee brings you the Nashville Victory Toast to celebrate the anniversary of the Metro non-discrimination ordinance. Join 59 hosts and representatives of Metro government to celebrate this important milestone.

That's it. Have a great Saturday. Back to the iced tea!

-Chris Sanders

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