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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Last Week before We Know: Final Runup to State Legislative Races

This is it. This is the last week we have before we know what the 107th General Assembly of the State of Tennessee will look like. We won't get another to make a difference.

It's almost too corny to say we stand at a precipice, but I don't really care about how trite the phrase rings right now.

We stand at a precipice.

The 107th General Assembly is being voted in at this moment, with our voices in the process silenced ominously at 7:00 p.m. Central Time on November 2 (unless you happen to be in the voting line right before 7:00, in which case you can stay until you vote, but you know what I mean).

Why does it matter? Everyone in Tennessee ought to know, but not everyone does. To repeat what we've said many times, the 107th General Assembly of the State of Tennessee will redistrict our congressional and legislative districts for the next 10 years!

TEP has been trying to inform our community of this fact for months. Other organizations have been doing the same for their members. The state's two major political parties are certainly aware of the fact. But most of the citizens have no idea that we're locking some things in with this coming election.

Our PAC has been more active in this election than in any other since we were founded. And this week through the last hour on November 2 we will be engaged in a marathon of activities to support our favorite candidates. Whether 2 people show up for any particular event or 50, we're going to fight like never before to play a role in the outcome.

If you're just realizing how important this year's legislative races are or if you've just decided you're going to use this week for all its worth to elect the best Legislature under the circumstances, you're not too late to make a difference.

*Vote if you haven't done so and bring friends to the polls.
*Join us for phonebanking this week and next in Nashville for some great candidates around the State. We'll be making calls into West TN, Knoxville, and Nashville, too. And we could use more voices because some of us are getting hoarse.
*Hold signs at the polls for good candidates to increase visibility.
*Contribute to good campaigns while it will still help them.

If you need help or more information with any of those steps, let us know at .

Do what you can now so that we have no regrets when we wake up on November 3. After that, it's Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and then the new Legislature convenes in Nashville.

There's still time. It's a scary thing not to know what next week holds, but we can still shape the outcome. Let's do it!

-Chris Sanders

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