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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Could Nashville's contract ordinance advance equality throughout TN?

No doubt many equality advocates throughout Tennessee look at the CAN DO campaign to advance Metro Nashville's Contract Accountability Non-Discrimination Ordinance as a Nashville only kind of thing.

It's not. If it passed, it would have benefits for the movement for equality throughout Tennessee.


Well, while it's true that many of the companies that contract with Metro Government are based in Nashville, many are not.

A review of recent Metro vendors shows that they come from all over including White Bluff, Springfield, Columbia, Lebanon, Spring Hill, Dickson, Franklin, Memphis, Knoxville, Parsons, and Brentwood. The ordinance would provide an incentive for businesses all over the state to update their policies to be competitive for Metro business.

And that's a good thing! When you support TEP and the CAN DO campaign, you're helping advance equality throughout Tennessee.

-Chris Sanders

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