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Monday, November 7, 2011

Morning brief: Perez, UK on West TN make up flap; Gay marriage play tonight; anti-gay bomb in Kelsey bill

Welcome to the first weekday morning under the new time change.  We've got the links and analysis you need to start your week.

Kasey Landrum story goes big:  The story of Kasey Landrum, the Lexington high school student suspended for wearing make up at school is going national, even international.  Perez Hilton has picked it up with lots of boos for the principal.  "Awful," says Hilton.   And, yes, the story has now crossed the pond.  The Daily Mail reported it over the weekend.  The Pink News (UK) has run a story this morning, discussing the sudden reversal of the principal's repressive make up policy after it was brought to the public's attention.  They quote the district superintendent:

Superintendent Wilkinson, of Henderson County, said: ‘I guess that the easiest thing to do would be to go to a standard policy but we have in the past given a little freedom to our children and their parents about what they choose the wear.’

Good move, Mr. Wilkinson.
image from The Nashville Scene

"Gay marriage" play comes to Nashville Church:   "Standing on Ceremony:  The Gay Marriage Plays" comes to First Church Unity in Nashville tonight only, according to the Nashville Scene.  7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Anti-gay bomb in Kelsey bill:  As we mentioned over the weekend, State Sen. Brian Kelsey has filed SB2149, which would prevent any city or county in Tennessee from passing an ordinance making family leave, wage, or health insurance requirements for the private sector.  While there are some such ordinances in Tennessee (not many), there is no flood of proposals in local governments around the state.  But I believe there may be some anti-gay bias in the bill.  I wonder whether it is really filed to prevent any city or county from requiring its contractors to provide health insurance for domestic partners, as Austin does.  The discussion came up in a public forum with a leader of Family Action on the eve of the third reading of the Metro Nashville Contract Accountability Non-Discrimination Ordinance.  The leader in question feared partner benefits was next.  Furthermore, the House companion bill to SB2149 will be carried by Rep. Glen Casada whose work against equality is notorious.  It's worth mentioning that Sen. Kelsey's voting record isn't exactly pro-equality.  We'll be watching this bill.

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