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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Phone Campaign to Defeat the Don't Say G_y bill (HB229)

The "Don't Say G_y" bill (HB0229) is headed to the House Education Committee agenda on Tuesday, February 28. If you live in or near a House District  represented on this committee, take action in Tennessee Equality Project's phone campaign to defeat the Don't Say G_y bill. Call your Representative today!

Verify your House District and Representative at this link.

Use the following script and find the phone number for your Representative below:

Hello, my name is _____. I live at    (your address)  . I agree with Governor Bill Haslam that it's time to lay aside the Don't Say Gay bill. Tell Rep. _______ to call for the withdrawal of  HB0229. Thank you.
After you've delivered your phone message, recruit at least three friends or family members to make the same call from your district. 

Can Tennessee students depend on you to keep them safe? Act today!

Committee Member District (615)
Brooks, Harry (R) 19  741-6879
Brooks, Kevin (R) 24  741-1350
Carr, Joe (R) 48  741-2180
DeBerry, John J., Jr. (D) 90  741-2239
DeBerry, Lois M. (D) 91  741-3830
Dunn, Bill (R) 16  741-1721
Fitzhugh, Craig (D) 82  741-2134
Forgety, John (R) 23  741-1725
Hensley, Joey (R) 70  741-7476
Lollar, Ron (R) 99  741-7084
Maggart, Debra Young (R) 45 741-3893
Montgomery, Richard (R) 12  741-5981
Naifeh, Jimmy (D) 81 741-3774
Pitts, Joe (D) 67 741-2043
Powers, Dennis (R) 36  741-3335
Ragan, John (R) 33  741-4400
Williams, Ryan (R) 42  741-1875
Windle, John Mark (D) 41  741-1260

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