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Friday, March 2, 2012

Tennessee Equality Project applauds changes to FedEx HR Policies

Tennessee Equality Project applauds an announcement sent to FedEx employees earlier this week: 
At FedEx, we make an on-going effort to celebrate the unique nature of each person while recognizing the things we all share. We put diversity to work, in each of our companies and across the world, to help FedEx stand out as a corporate leader.
FedEx Services recently revised several policies that are important to all our employees.  The specific changes are summarized below:
  • Bereavement, Discount Shipping, Flowers & Gifts (Life Events), Relocation
These FXS policies have been revised to include eligibility verbiage for domestic/civil union partners, same sex spouse and family events of civil union and/or registration of domestic partnership
  • Anti-Harassment Policy
This policy has been revised to include gender identity and gender expression.
FedEx is the largest employer in Memphis and Shelby County. 

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___Your idea coincides with mine.and I think it's better.


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