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Monday, January 28, 2013

Germantown Athletic Club opens membership to LGBT families and couples

Tennessee Equality Project applauds a recent decision by the Germantown Athletic Club to open its membership to LGBT couples and families.

Over the weekend, a gay couple with children tried to apply for a family membership at the fitness club operated by the City of Germantown (suburb of Memphis). The GAC told the couple that "only a husband and wife could do a family membership." The club membership application stated:

The couple refused to accept the policy as the last word on the matter. GAC staff urged the couple to speak with the Membership Sales Advisor on Monday.

That's exactly what the couple did. After talking with the family and reviewing their policy, the GAC now defines a "family membership [as a] household membership which includes 2 adults living under the same roof, and the children in the household that one or both of those adults are legally responsible for. Couples membership will now become a joint membership for 2 people living in the same house that would like to join their facility."

The old application was removed from the GAC website at at about 4 PM on Monday, January 28. As of 9:30 AM on January 29, the new membership form now appears on the Germantown Athletic Club website. This may be the first time a Tennessee City has voluntarily changed its policy to be inclusive of LGBT families.

Raising your voice in the face of discrimination can bring positive change. The Germantown Athletic Club deserves praise for demonstrating a commitment to diversity, inclusion, equality and fairness.

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