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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Virtual "Don't Say Pizza" Party with Sen. Campfield: Get your two slices of equality!

Lately Sen. Stacey Campfield has been making the news for having trouble finding a place to host a pizza party fundraiser for his campaign.  He's had trouble with restaurants before, as we know. 

Well, according to The Nashville Scene, his problems have been solved.  His event is rescheduled for TODAY at Mafiosa's in the 12 South area of Nashville.  Yes, that's right--Nashville!

The Scene reports it's a reservation for 12 people.  But we think that's not nearly a big enough pizza party to honor the work of the legislator who brought us the Don't Say Gay bill.
School pizza from Anchorage, Alaska

So we're hosting a virtual pizza party around the state today with (or without) Sen. Campfield and we invite you all to join us.  It looks as if a slice is about $3, so why not have two? 

Consider donating $6 to the TEP Foundation at this link so we can provide more education about equality and inclusion around the state at our virtual pizza party.

Let's make it the biggest pizza party the state has ever seen!

*Hat tip to Eric P. for letting us know about the event.

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