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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Equality voters are turning out in Nashville

I got the list of voters from the Davidson County Election Commission today. 245 people voted at the Howard School today and 28 of them (about 11.4% of the total) are on the TEP list. A few of them are pictured at right. I took out any names that I knew were voting at this location for another reason (for example, because they are a candidate or because they came as part of the group from the early vote breakfast this morning). If we were to count some of these other folks who hold equality as a value, the number would be higher.

I haven't looked at the other locations, but it appears that our community and equality-minded voters in general are turning out the vote and could make a difference in this election.

The motivation is strong this time for many reasons--the attacks in the Legislature, the realization that having a pro-equality Metro Government to stand against them is important, and the opportunity to elect openly gay candidates.

Early voting continues through July 30 with Election Day on August 4. If you haven't voted, you can find out details about where and when at the Election Commission's site.

-Chris Sanders

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