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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Memphis City Council Election Guide from TEP PAC

TEP PAC is pleased to announce endorsements in every competitive race for Memphis City Council elections scheduled for October 6, 2011

We urge you to support the following candidates to create a pro-equality consensus on the Memphis City Council.
You can help make Memphis more LGBT-inclusive by contributing your time and donations to these candidates to ensure passage of pro-equality legislation in the next term.


2. Sylvia Cox
4. Wanda Halbert
5. Jim Strickland NEW!
6. Edmund Ford, Jr.


8-1. Tammy Warren
8-2. Janis Fullilove
8-3. Myron Lowery NEW!
9-2. Shea Flinn

All of the above candidates in italics are incumbents and they voted pro-equality in the last term. Council members Harold Collins (3), Jim Strickland (5), Myron Lowery (8-3) and Reid Hedgepeth (9-3) face no opponents in the October 6 election.

Additionally, TEP PAC recognizes the follow candidates as equality advocates: Scott Banbury (7), David Vinciarelli (7) and Rosalyn Nichols (8-2).

Make our Candidates Visible

You can play a key role in helping elect pro-equality candidates by taking a yard sign for them, canvassing or phone banking for them or making a donation to their campaigns. If you are interested in helping, contact us at or Also contact us if you'd like to help distribute TEP PAC endorsement flyers at the September 17 Cooper Young Festival and other community events during the campaign season.

Early voting begins on September 16.

TEP PAC is a state political action committee registered in Tennessee, Joyce Peacock, treasurer. The endorsements of TEP PAC do not necessarily represent the views of the board of the Tennessee Equality Project. 


vicki said...

This is not equality you seek, you want greater protection and priviledges than any one else. This kind of law will only backfire and cause terrible problems down the road for all of society, you included. Please don't let your bias cloud your judgement. We all cannot afford this.

Vvixen said...

How can we not "afford" a fair society? This is America!

Checking the closet for something purple to wear right now...