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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rebuff of Legislature on the Agenda of Council Meeting

The 2007-2011 term of the Metropolitan Council could end with a bang, specifically a bang directed at the 107th General Assembly. The agenda contains two resolutions aimed squarely at two anti-equality bills that were prominent in this year's coverage of the Legislature.

RS2011-1810 by Councilwoman Kristine LaLonde urges the Metro Law Department to file an amicus brief in the court challenge to HB600, the Special Access to Discriminate law that nullified the Metro Contract Accountability Non-Discrimination Ordinance.

by Councilman Jamie Hollin honors the Nashville high school students who protested against the Don't Say Gay bill.

These resolutions, while non-binding, highlight two approaches to fighting back against a Legislature that has clearly shifted too far to the Right and meddled in the prerogatives of local government. They also represent a fitting end to the term of a Council that has led the way for the cause of equality in Tennessee.

Clerk controversies will also take up a good chunk of the Council's business on Tuesday. A resolution calling for the resignation of County Clerk John Arriola and the selection of the new Criminal Court Clerk are also on the agenda. TEP PAC has endorsed Steven Murff for Criminal Court Clerk.

To contact the Council about these resolutions and the selection of the Criminal Court Clerk, go to this page. Remember that everyone in Davidson County has one district Council Member and you are also represented by all 5 Council Members At-Large. The form at the link allows you to contact all 40 Council Members about any of these matters, if you prefer. Please, make sure to include your home address when contacting the Council and be polite!

-Chris Sanders

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