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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Real Pro-Family Vote at Bellevue Baptist Church

Bring your friends and family to Bellevue Baptist Church this Saturday at 12 Noon to vote early in City of Memphis elections for candidates who truly demonstrate pro-family and pro-equality values that Pastor Steve Gaines can only hope to represent.

Last Sunday, Pastor Gaines declared war on LGBT people and their families from his pulpit at Bellevue Baptist Church. Gaines asked his congregation this week to vote against candidates who support the right of people to earn a living, provide for their families and contribute to their communities. 

It's incredible that Gaines could claim any knowledge of what it means to be pro-family (see Gaines kept a confessed child molester on his staff for six months and endangered children and families of his parish. 

Don't let a demagogue determine the fate of Memphis City Council elections and pull the strings of Memphis government. 

Let's show Memphis what pro-family really means. Come vote in City of Memphis elections for candidates who really do support families at 12 Noon on Saturday at Bellevue Baptist Church. Bring your photo ID and voter registration card and wear purple so everyone will know who the pro-family voters are!

See for more details about pro-family and pro-equality candidates endorsed by TEP PAC.

What: Pro-Family Vote for Equality
Where: Bellevue Baptist Church, 2000 Appling Road
When: 12 Noon, Saturday, September 24, 2011

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