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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sen. Mae Beavers pretends to believe in local control

State Sen. Beavers is supposedly a fan of local control, local government, local communities.  How do we know?  She is the first signatory of this letter opposing a federal lawsuit brought by the ACLU against Sumner County Schools. 

Here's a sample of what's in the letter: 

The atmosphere within our classrooms is best placed in the hands of our teachers and principals in cooperation with students and parents, then with school administration and finally with our elected school board.  It is healthy for us, as a community, to debate the policies of our schools.  When we have disagreements it is up to us to work out those disagreements to the best of our ability within our own community, not in front of a federal court.

Oh, but wait.  Let's back up.  Wasn't Sen. Beavers the sponsor of SB632 that nullified Metro Nashville's contractor non-discrimination ordinance?  Yep, she was.  Not many people remember that because the editors at the Lebanon Democrat refused to take the opportunity to tell their readers that a Wilson County senator was meddling in another county.   Sen. Beavers may have gotten a freebie from the Lebanon Democrat, but we noticed. 

We thought you'd want to know, too.

-Chris Sanders

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