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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Action non sequitur of the day: School sex ed leads to funding for HIV+ prisoners?

The notion of cause and effect has fallen on hard times over at the Family Action Council. 

Can someone help our friends over at FACT with this?
In a recent blog post, they're trying to make a point that social issues translate into fiscal issues, which in turn affects the economy.   But the connection they attempt to make can only be linked if one chooses to indulge in magical thinking.

They discuss the rise in HIV among young people in Middle Tennessee and say that we shouldn't be surprised because of condom instruction that has taken place in Metro Nashville schools.  I'm not making this up.  Go to their post and read it.  

But then the connection completely collapses when they shift from young people in Middle TN (which includes more than Davidson County, by the way) to the cost of the federal government funding three positions to coordinate the treatment of HIV+ prisoners when they are released, as reported in a Tennessean article.

They conclude by asking coyly:  "Still want to say that divisive social issues like sex education in our schools has no fiscal effect?  Hope not."

What on earth does sex education in schools have to do with the treatment of HIV+ prisoners?

It's no wonder they want to quash the subpoenas in the court challenge to HB600.  I wouldn't want to answer direct questions if I thought that's how the world worked either.

-Chris Sanders

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keriandmatthew said...

David Fowler and FAC are such hypocrites. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It's pathetic their total disregard for the truth....I'm thinking that their telling kids that condoms are completely ineffective and not to bother using them has done real wonders for their health and welfare.