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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Your Moment of Zen or What's Wrong with this Picture?

When I saw this picture over at Family Action's blog, I just about howled.  It's a photo in the current issue of Focus on the Family's Citizen magazine that goes with a story about Family Action's antics in Tennessee.

The first thing I saw was the word "Zen" in big letters next to David Fowler's head and thought, "Surely not."  But then when I saw the words "Finding Harmony in Nashville," I said, "Well, you know, maybe they're going to feng shui their activism."  But then I realized it was just Mr. Fowler's head hiding the other letters in the word "citizen," and I was a bit let down.

But then I looked at the picture on the left (if there is any left in such a publication) and I noticed Mr. Fowler with Sen. Beavers and Rep. Casada.  That's when my mind turned from thoughts of wonder to irony.  What do two people who live in Williamson County and one person who lives in Wilson County have to do with "Finding Harmony in Nashville?"  Um, nothing.

Sen. Beavers and Rep. Casada were the sponsors of the bill pushed by Mr. Fowler to overturn Metro Nashville's contractor non-discrimination ordinance. 

So maybe the subtitle of the article is missing.  I'll help fill it in.  "Finding Harmony in Nashville:  Then Trampling on It."  

-Chris Sanders

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keriandmatthew said...

Or, "Finding Harmony in Nashville: Even Though You Don't Live Here and It's None of Your Damn Business", or "Finding Harmony in Nashville: Using a BS Music Metaphor for Bigotry, Hatred and Small Mindedness" or, perhaps, my favorite, "Finding Harmony in Nashville: David Fowler is a Douchebag."