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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Renewing his License to Bully, Rep. John Ragan picks up House companion to Don't Say Gay bill

Rep. John Ragan of Anderson County filed the House companion bill (HB1332)  to Sen. Stacey Campfield's Don't Say Gay bill today. 

Rep. Ragan is well known for his condescending comments to citizens about last year's License to Bully bill, most famously to Kristin Johnson.  So few people who have been following these issues over the last year will be surprised that Rep. Ragan has signed on as the House sponsor.

Even though the Associated Press reported a few weeks ago that Governor Bill Haslam, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, and Speaker of the House Beth Harwell have all distanced themselves from the bill, Rep. Ragan is either oblivious to or indifferent to the bill's harm to children and to the image of the state.

TEP is urging citizens to call on Rep. Ragan to withdraw the House companion bill.  You can do so at this petition that sends a message to Rep. Ragan.  You may also call Rep. Ragan's office and leave a message asking him to withdraw the bill at 615-741-4400.  State your name and address and ask him to withdraw HB1332.

Let's preserve the confidential relationship of trust between counselors and students and not give in to this hateful bill that hurts real people and hurts the image of Tennessee.

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Kristin Mary Johnson said...

Good work, Chris. I can't say I haven't been expecting to hear that name linked to one of these bills (plural because of those still lurking out there). He was sort of given a mandate just by virtue of getting reelected. Tennessee voters have got to get informed and choose better. I hope people will fight this like they should.