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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Memphis Housing Authority expands protections to LGBT employees

MHA joins the list of organizations protecting
LGBT employees from discrimination.
Tennessee Equality Project is pleased to share news of expanded workplace protections for LGBT employees in Memphis. 

On Thursday, Feb. 28, the Board of Commissioners of the Memphis Housing Authority approved Resolution No. 4315 which amended the Section 1.03 on Equal Employment Opportunity in  the MHA Employee Handbook . The new verbiage added "..., genetic information, veteran status, political affiliation, sexual orientation and gender identity."

Commissioner Ian L. Randolph confirmed the change to the employee handbook with Tennessee Equality Project on Friday. 

This action follows the addition of housing protections for LGBT consumers during the first administration of President Barack Obama in federally funded housing programs (most of MHA's funding comes from Federal Government).  Commissioner Randolph reported that the Memphis Employment Non-Discrimination Ordinance enacted in October 2013 by the Memphis City Council influenced the decision to extend LGBT-inclusive workplace protections to MHA employees.

TEP applauds the leadership of the MHA Board of Commissioners. Let's continue to look for an equality ripple effect in Memphis and Shelby County. 

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