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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Election Day

It's here. The big showdown in the 18th Metro Council district features a field of four candidates--John Ray Clemmons, Stephenie Dodson, David Glasgow, and Kristine LaLonde.

Earlier the forecast was calling for a 40 percent chance of rain with mild temperatures. As of now, we're looking at a 30 percent chance. But what effect that will have on the turnout and whose turnout is anyone's guess. The last I heard about 127 people had voted early. A long presidential race followed by English Only must have burned out most of the voters. However, they will likely have one more series of campaigns before them soon. With four candidates in the race, it would a miracle if there were not a runoff. Let's hope the fact that voters will finally get to vote in their own polling places instead of at the Election Commission will be a big boost to turnout.

The coverage of the race has been light, but what do you expect for one council district? If it weren't for the blogs, City Paper coverage, a few general pieces in the Tennessean, Liberadio, and Morning Line, most of the rest of Nashville wouldn't have had a chance at knowing that an election is even going on.

Fundraising has been vigorous. Yard signs are everywhere in the district. Personal phone calls, door knocking, robo-calls, and mailers have all confronted the voters in the 18th at every turn. Now all that's left is the voting, counting, and the parties. Kristine LaLonde's campaign will be waiting for returns at the Dog of Nashville while David Glasgow's crew will be at Zeitgeist. At this point, I haven't heard where the supporters of John Ray Clemmons and Stephenie Dodson will be gathering. But I'll be happy to add updates if I find out anything about that.

We'll have Twitter updates from Eakin Elementary tomorrow morning and from the Glasgow party tomorrow night. What will be, will be.

Finally, for something completely different, Arcadia's Election Day:

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