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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Memphis Commercial Appeal opposes Adoption Ban Bill

The Memphis Commerical Appeal has declared its opposition to the Adoption Ban Bill in the Tennessee General Assembly:
Couples who want to adopt in Tennessee are carefully screened to determine their ability to deal with a child's behavior. Their strengths are matched with the child's needs. A detailed study of their household includes medical and financial statements and references.

Whatever their motivations, politicians should not attempt to overrule the judgment of DCS professionals about who is fit to adopt and what is in the best interest of children in the care of the state.

There has never been a stampede to adopt children in Tennessee, especially minority children, children who are more than 8 years old and children with disabilities.

There are many important issues that will help determine children's future happiness, security and success. They need stable, caring, responsible parents with a good home.

Such parents can be found among married couples as well as those whose bonds are not formal but are stable and strong.

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