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Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Middle Tennessee blog: Volunteer Vets

Chris Atkins has started Volunteer Vets, a new blog that focuses on issues important to veterans around the state as well as updates and commentary on politics.

As he puts it in his first post on Thursday:

I hope that in the coming days I will start a discussion with you about ways that Tennesseans can do more to honor our veterans and ensure that they receive better benefits in our state than in any other part of the country. The Volunteer State has always been about service above self, and I believe that we must do more to serve those who served us. I also believe that service is not limited to the military and that we should all do more to take an active part in our community. Part of that activity is being knowledgeable about local, state and national politics. This is the spirit of Volunteer Vets.

Tennessee's political blogosphere is growing, and a blog with a focus on issues of importance to our state's veterans is a welcome addition.

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Chris Atkins said...


Thanks for telling your readers about my new blog. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I appreciate your commentary. Hope to keep up the discussion with you and the rest of the TN blogosphere in the future!

-Chris Atkins