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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The bullies lost

Last Monday's victory is such a great win for us. We have won the public debate over whether to include and protect GLBT citizens in the workplace.

I maintain that Bunker and his bully buddies did us a tremendous favor last week in front of the County Administration Building. Their awful behavior galvanized the community against oppression.

Wyatt Bunker's mean and ugly comments at last Monday's Commission hearing in which he joked about male identified people giving up their seats for female identified people in the packed room will not be forgotten - even by his base of support. Bunker is that Middle School bully who I'm sure we all experienced when growing up. We can all take satisfaction in the fact that the bully lost this time. It reminds me of one of the last scenes in the movie Some Kind of Wonderful (I've just dated myself) in which Eric Stoltz's character walks up to the school bully at a party in his home and tells him "You're over".

Our community did just that last Sunday and Monday. I am so proud to see our community stand up to bullies.

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