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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I went to a garden party

Our apologies to Ricky Nelson... District 24 Councilman Jason Holleman and the Food Security Partners of Middle Tennessee are hosting a community garden tour on June 13 "to raise awareness of a community gardening bill before Metro Council," which is also sponsored by Holleman.

The announcement goes on to discuss the current state of community gardening law and the nature of the ordinance:

The community gardening bill before Council defines community gardening as “a group of individuals growing and harvesting food crops and/or non-food, ornamental crops, such as flowers, for personal or group use, consumption, or donation.”

Current law prohibits community gardening as a primary use of lots in residential districts. This means that neighbors who join together to use a vacant plot of land to grow vegetables for themselves or for donation to a food bank or church are in violation of the zoning code, even when they grow on their own land or with permission from the land owner.

Furthermore, current law prohibits growing fruits, vegetables, or flowers for sale in any of Nashville’s urban services district.

The bill would not permit residents to raise livestock in the city; nor would it allow community gardeners or commercial community gardeners to operate farm stands in residential areas.

Holleman’s bill is currently being co-sponsored by ten other members of the Metro Council: Kristine LaLonde, Emily Evans, Erik Cole, Mike Jameson, Bo Mitchell, Megan Barry, Jerry Maynard, Sandra Moore, Erica Gilmore, and Darren Jernigen.

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