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Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Action of TN turns its gaze toward Memphis

After Shelby County Government established workplace protections for LGBT county employees, the Family Action Council of Tennessee has turned it gaze to Memphis.

In an e-mail message this week, FAC President David Fowler issued an invitation to a July 10 lunch meeting at a Memphis restaurant to debrief followers about FAC’s activities in the Tennessee General Assembly. Fowler plans to share the “legislative victories, and challenges, that relate to our core values: the institution of marriage, family values, the sanctity of life, and religious liberty.” Fowler continued:
Also, everyone in Shelby County needs to know about looming local attempts to further the national gay rights agenda that could affect employees of Memphis City government as well as businesses, churches and other private employers.
Fowler must have missed that the movement to establish fairness and equality in Memphis and Shelby County is a local grass roots movement led by local leaders like you. FAC will also be in town to promote “The Truth Project”, a program designed by the national anti-gay industry’s Focus on the Family to misrepresent American history and culture and establish special rights and privileges for the far-right.

If hearing about these outside groups meddling in local affairs bothers you, you can take a stand against them.

Representatives of TEP plan to observe how many people attend Fowler's luncheon on July 10 without interfering (their meeting room can hold up to 75 people). FAC is free to meet and organize however they want, but we don’t have to sit back and do nothing.

Would you be willing to contribute $1, $5, or $10 to the Tennessee Equality Project for each adult who attends Fowler’s meeting? You decide the amount. Your contribution will further the grass roots movement to promote fairness and equality in Memphis, Shelby County and Tennessee.

Make a pledge today by emailing TEP’s Shelby County Committee at

Support the Memphis Non-Discrimination Ordinance by making a contribution to TEP here. The Tennessee Equality Project is a 501c4 organization. Gifts to TEP are not deductible for purposes of federal income tax.

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