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Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Action Council of TN raises funds to promote LGBT equality

By TEP’s count, 37 followers of David Fowler’s Family Action Council of Tennessee met earlier today at a local Memphis restaurant to plot against equal opportunity and fairness in Memphis and the State of Tennessee. Specifically, they gathered behind locked doors to review their legislative “accomplishments” in the Tennessee General Assembly and spread lies about the grass roots movement in Memphis for a Non-Discrimination Ordinance. The Memphis NDO will establish workplace protections for LGBT employees of the city and city contractors.

Little did they know that they were also doing their part to promote equal rights for the LGBT citizens of Tennessee. When Tennessee Equality Project learned that David Fowler and FACT were coming to Memphis, TEP’s Shelby County Committee issued a call for pledges of support. Supporters pledged to give a $1 or other amount to TEP for every person who attended the meeting. The Shelby County Committee of TEP wishes to thank everyone who made a pledge of support to TEP for this event. But we’d like to give special thanks to David Fowler for doing his part to promote LGBT equality in Tennessee.

If you missed your chance to pledge to TEP, it’s not too late. You can donate online at

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