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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Politicos on Parade at the Music City Hot Chicken Festival

I went for a couple of hours to the Music City Hot Chicken Festival and it was quite a sight. Despite the fact that there were several vendors, hundreds of people stood in line just to get a bite. People came from all over. I talked to people from Canada and, of course, all the counties surrounding Davidson. Folks from Virginia and North Carolina, too.

Elected officials and candidates were well represented. Former Mayor Bill Purcell and Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors, who are two of the honorary chairs of the event, were making the rounds. Mayor Karl Dean and Council Members Carter Todd and Emily Evans seemed to be having a good time.

School Board member and Juvenile Court Clerk candidate Karen Johnson and TN House District 58 candidate Steven Turner were working the crowd, too.

And what's a great Nashville event without lots of progressive bloggers? I ran into Mike Byrd, Ilissa Gold, and Liberadio's Mary Mancini (who, of course, is also a broadcaster and podcaster extraordinaire!). Milder temperatures seemed to make the hot chicken a little more bearable for the festival goers, but it didn't take long to work up a sweat out there today.

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