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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A mixed election night for equality

Tuesday turned out to be a mixed picture for the movement for equality at the ballot. First the bad news. At this point, it is not looking good for marriage equality in Maine, where voters appear to be overturning a law providing marriage rights to same-sex couples. Two candidates endorsed by HRC's PAC have lost their gubernatorial bids--Governor Jon Corzine of New Jersey who lost to anti-gay Chris Christie and candidate Creigh Deeds lost to Bob McDonnell in Virginia. In Tennessee, many of us were watching the Knoxville City Council District 4 race where TEP PAC endorsed Ray Abbas who narrowly lost the seat by 70 votes.

Now the good news, the Washington state ballot measure approving domestic partnerships appears to be passing. And in Kalamazoo, Michigan a ballot measure on the city's non-discrimination law passed. Many openly gay candidates won races around the country including Annise Parker of Houston who was the top voter getter in the mayoral race. She now advances to the runoff. A lesbian won a seat on the Akron City Council and a gay man won a seat on the Detroit City Council. And Chapel Hill, North Carolina has elected Mark Kleinschmidt as the city's first openly gay mayor.

These results aren't official and in some cases may not turn out to be final. It's a mixed picture and it will take some time to figure out where the movement for equality goes in the wake of tonight's results.

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