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Monday, September 13, 2010

Do you support the Memphis Shelby County Metro Government Charter?

One of the most important matters on the November 2 ballot for Shelby County voters is the whether to approve the proposed Memphis Shelby County Metro Government Charter.

Before you vote on Nov. 2 (if you live in Shelby County), please study the issue carefully. I offer the following information about the proposed charter:
  1. The Memphis and Shelby County Metropolitan Government Charter Commission web page provides a copy of the charter, minutes of the commission who proposed the charter and other information.

  2. I also commend a three part series of articles about the charter from the Memphis Daily News: Charter 411, Mayor at Heart of Consolidated Government, Proposed Metro Council Would Be Two-Tiered Body. MSD provides a fairly unbiased and independent view of the proposal.

  3. For a PRO-metro government viewpoint, visit the website for Rebuild Government.

  4. For a viewpoint AGAINST metro government, visit the website for Save Shelby County.
When you are ready to make an informed decision, TEP invites readers of this blog to indicate how they will vote on the proposed merger of Memphis and Shelby County. Our poll on the upper, right-hand side of the blog page will be open through the last day of early voting (October 28).

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