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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Politicos come out to celebrate Metro NDO at Nashville Victory Toast

It was a great night for politicking in Nashville as the GLBT community and allies came together to celebrate the first anniversary of the passage of the Metro non-discrimination ordinance.

Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors, Sen. Douglas Henry, Rep. Sherry Jones, Council Members at-large Megan Barry and Ronnie Steine, district Council Members Emily Evans, Erica Gilmore, Sean McGuire, Jason Holleman, Kristine LaLonde, Sandra Moore, and Sam Coleman (also a candidate for House district 60) joined the crowd Wednesday evening to mark a milestone in the history of Tennessee's zig-zagging path to equality.

I was particularly glad to see Sen. Henry and Councilman Coleman reach out to the community at this event. It was a great opportunity to extend the dialogue with these two officials.

Additionally, Metro Council candidates Nancy VanReece for district 4 and Pete Westerholm for district 6 stopped by.

It was a good night for reflecting on the last year and building toward advances of the future.

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