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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TEP PAC announces endorsements in 2010 state legislative races

21 September 2010

For Immediate Release

Nashville- Tennessee Equality Project’s Political Action Committee, TEP PAC, has announced its 2010 General Assembly Candidate Endorsements*. Following the Primary Elections, TEP PAC reviewed legislative candidates’ records and policy positions for legislative districts throughout Tennessee. After careful deliberation, the following candidates were endorsed.

District 49- Representative Kent Coleman (D), Murfreesboro – part of Rutherford Co.

District 50- Representative Gary Moore (D), Joelton – part of Davidson Co.

District 51- Representative Mike Turner (D), Old Hickory – part of Davidson Co.

District 55- Representative Gary Odom (D), Nashville – part of Davidson Co.

District 59- Representative Sherry Jones (D), Nashville – part of Davidson Co.

District 60- Metro Councilman Sam Coleman (D), Antioch- part of Davidson Co.

District 85- Representative Johnnie Turner (D), Memphis – part of Shelby Co.

District 89- Representative Jeanne Richardson (D), Memphis – part of Shelby Co.

What does it mean when TEP PAC endorses a candidate? “The endorsement is a commitment to provide volunteers to work for campaigns- from phone banking to walking districts. TEP PAC will also assist in raising money for our endorsed candidates,” says Jenny Ford, TEP PAC chair. “These individuals stand behind our mission to promote equality for all, and we intend to do everything we can to get these candidates elected and in office to serve our state wisely and fairly,” Ford emphasizes. This is the second time the TEP PAC has endorsed candidates for the General Assembly.

If you would like to assist these candidates and TEP Steering Committees, please contact Chris Sanders at To learn more about TEP PAC, along with TEP Foundation and TEP, please become our friend on Facebook and visit our website .

*- The endorsements by TEP PAC do not necessarily reflect the position of Tennessee Equality Project’s Board or membership.

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