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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Partner Benefits for TN companies? Yes, you can!

I got a call today from a company that wanted to explore providing partner benefits (health insurance) for partners of its employees. They had heard that they couldn't do so from their insurance broker. Interestingly I had heard something similar from the leader of a business organization. He was under the impression that companies can't provide partner benefits in Tennessee unless they are self-insured.

I called Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee to find out more. They offer insurance products with partner benefits if a company or organization has 26 or more employees. That's great news.

The wrong information may be all that is holding your employer back from providing this important benefit for your family.

Obviously partner benefits are not the same as marriage and all the obligations and benefits that come with it. Justice demands marriage equality, but until that day comes, partner benefits offer a way to protect those we love.

-Chris Sanders

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