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Saturday, May 21, 2011

TEP launches GAYATHON in response to Don't Say Gay Bill

Say GAY to
Stacey Campfield
The Tennessee Equality Project is pleased to launch a GAYATHON in response to the Senate passing the Don't Say Gay Bill (SB0049). During this GAYATHON, we at TEP encourage you to tell Stacey Campfield that you plan to say GAY and keep fighting for equality no matter what happens to his Don't Say Gay Bill. 

 Here's how the GAYATHON works . . . . 

  1. Make a $10, $25, $50 or larger donation to Tennessee Equality Project by clicking HERE
  2. Copy and paste Sen. Stacey Campfield's address into an email message:
  3. Enter the word "GAY" in all capital letters in the subject line of your email. 
  4. In the body of your email write: "Because of you, I donated $___ to Tennessee Equality Project to fight for equality in Tennessee." 
Your participation in TEP's GAYATHON will help us prepare to fight the House version of this bill (HB0229) when the Tennessee House of Representatives opens session in January of 2012.

So donate, participate and share the news of this GAYATHON with your friends and fellow equality advocates by email, Facebook and Twitter.

Be respectful and civil in your message to Campfield. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. 

1 comment:

Jakrabt said...

Come on, Mr. Campfield. Stop throwing hate at gay people of Tennessee and work WITH us toward equality for everyone. No one hates gay people but homophobes who are still working out their own identity issues. You draw fire for your hate of gay people and raise a LOT of speculation as to why you are 42 and still single and the fact you hide the place of your birth from people so they do not find out you are a native New York State-er. You placed Tennessee squarely on the world atlas again, replacing Elvis with homophobia as the word people associate with our state. We were doing pretty ok until you came along and taught your hate to those who were our friends.