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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Allow me to dispel the rumors

I am hearing rumors that I want to dispel once and for all.

On behalf of TEP Shelby County Committee and all of TEP, I want to make crystal clear that we consider the City of Memphis Non-Discrimination Ordinance to be incomplete and unacceptable without the inclusion of gender identity and expression.

We are taking steps to build on the success we have made thusfar to make sure that the ordinance is amended to include gender identity and expression. In my remarks before the Memphis City Council, I stated that they should not abandon my transgender brothers and sisters:

I meant what I said, and we will fight to make this flawed ordinance whole.

 - Jonathan Cole

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Kelli Busey said...

Jonathan, there were no rumors to my knowledge only questions. Why was the exclusion of transgender people not mentioned in any of the news reports following the votes? I contacted one of the writers who's column is often used as a source and according to this person no mention was made because essentially no one thought it advantageous for the advancement of sexual orientation AKA the gay agenda. It's a fact. Not a rumor. There was a deal maker that sought to exclude trans protections, that's a fact, not a rumor.
I'm not calling your integrity into question, but there was at least one person who was so motivated.
It's a question. not a rumor.