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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clergy support inclusive workplace protection for City of Memphis employees

Memphis, TN, September 13, 2012Several weeks ago, many of us declared our support for equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people on the steps of the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center. As leaders of our faith communities, we join voices in support of an opportunity to advance workplace equality in the City of Memphis.

On September 18, the Memphis City Council will consider an employment non-discrimination ordinance. Clergy Defending Rights for All supports expansion of this ordinance to include age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Many of our sacred texts and scriptures speak to the importance and sacred nature of work and call on us to protect all workers as a matter of justice. As faith leaders in our communities we often hear of lost jobs and the difficulties of finding work in this difficult economy. We share the concern for the health of our economy in Memphis and find it inexcusable that some workers live in fear of job security because of prejudice.

We support an inclusive employment non-discrimination ordinance for the City of Memphis which protects its employees from discrimination in the workplace based on religion, race, sex, creed, political affiliation, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or other non-merit factors.

Rabbi Micah Greenstein - Temple Israel

Pastor Stephen R. Montgomery - Idlewild Presbyterian Church
Fr. Joseph Wallace Williams - Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Richard Lawson - Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Rebekah Jordan Gienapp - St. John’s United Methodist Church
Pastor Paul Ecknes-Tucker - Holy Trinity Community Church
The Rev. Cheryl Cornish - First Congregational Church
Minister Davin Clemons - Cathedral of Praise Church of Memphis
Rev. Beth Lynley Lefever - Neshoba Church
Rev. Bill Murray - St. Elisabeth's Episcopal Church
Pastor Rosalyn Nichols - Freedom's Chapel Christian Church
Rev. Jarad Bingham - Shady Grove Presbyterian Church
Minister John Gilmore - Open Heart Spiritual Community
Rev. Randall Mullins, retired (Congregational) United Church of Christ
Rev. Gayle McCarty -Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Rev. Joseph Pfeiffer, First Congregational Church
Rev. Walt Tennyson - Rhodes College Chaplain
Reverend Anne H.K. Apple - Idlewild Presbyterian Church
Rev. Carla Meisterman, Balmoral Presbyterian Church
Rev. Elaine Blanchard, United Church of Christ
Rev. Bindy Snyder, All Saints Episcopal Church

If you are a pastor, minister, rabbi, imam, or other spiritual leader who supports the above statement, contact Jonathan Cole at to add your name.

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