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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bredesen's Ark

Giving the writers of the Nashville Scene's Fabricator a run for their money, "confidential sources" have provided Tom Humprhey a draft of Governor Phil Bredesen's reply to outgoing Human Rights Commission member Robin Smith.

I certainly appreciate your statement that you believe in the "Great Flood" as related in the Bible and that "there is but one human race … . We are all related."

This reference to Noah and the Great Flood reminds me, as I stated to the General Assembly earlier this year, that Tennessee is like a ship on the ocean. Or an ark.

Sometimes we must trim the sails and throw the excess baggage overboard. Nothing personal or political, of course.

The Human Rights Commission is like a row boat. Everyone must use the oars equally. If only those on the left paddle, the boat will veer to the right. If you rock the boat, or overload it, all aboard may get wet.

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