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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rural areas suffering Tennessean withdrawl

WSMV Channel 4 News is reporting that The Tennessean is cutting delivery of its paper to areas of Middle Tennessee, which includes Benton, Clay, Fentress, Henry, Humphries, Jackson, Overton, Pickett and Perry counties. Read the story here.

Apparently folks in those areas need their fix of Tennessean "news". WSMV is citing "a worker" at The Tennessean who is quoted as saying "in the past 24 hours they have received about 200 calls from people complaining about the loss of delivery service. "

The daily circulation for these nine counties, which includes subscriptions as well as newsstands, is 3,000 people.

The paper told Channel 4 that while fuel costs are a factor, this is not the only reason for the decision, and they are calling it a "strategic move."

We're didn't see Warren County in this list - surprising when you consider the fact that the Tennessean has refused to provide any coverage on the recent rash of hate crimes against Neal Anthony in Warren County. Perhaps that's too sensitve of a topic for those rural readers, or perhaps coverage of those types of news issues do not fit in with The Tennessean's "strategic moves".

We could suggest that those readers can get their daily Tennessean fix online - but good luck with that. It truely has one of the worst news Web sites....but remember it's "powered by you".

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Chris Sanders said...

I despise their website. Any time they run a column by Larry Daughtrey, they hide it. And it's usually about the only thing worth reading in their Sunday edition.