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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I-40 Mike

Tonight Mike Padgett was kicking off early voting in Knoxville and will be in Memphis by Saturday. The I-40 run highlights the Democratic Senate candidate's push throughout the state:

“I have connected with Tennesseans from the smallest counties to the biggest Metro areas, in all 95 counties, and a red plaid shirt is about all they can recall about their current U.S. senator."

Both campaigns have done a good job of putting out information about their candidates; the media have not decided to pick up what they're laying down, though. That's a shame.

If it weren't for blogs, I'm not sure anyone would be paying attention to the primary. In the end, I think nothing overwhelmingly positive or negative stuck to either candidate in the public's imagination. So we are left with Bob Tuke's fundraising advantage and Mike Padgett's concerted effort to be everywhere.

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