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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Adoption fight coming to Tennessee, predicts Family Equality Council E.D.

In a Time article about the issue of adoption by gays and lesbians, Jennifer Chrisler of the Family Equality Council says the battle is coming back to Tennessee:

Similar statehouse fights are pending in South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, says gay adoption expert and advocate Jennifer Chrisler, and more are likely to follow, as conservatives try to duplicate their successful strategy to ban gay marriage state by state. "The other side was very strategic about their efforts to ban gay marriage," Chrisler, executive director of the Family Equality Center in Boston, told TIME. "They were able to bring that issue to the attention of the American people well before Americans were ready to have that conversation. They are likely to use a similar strategy when it comes to parenting issues."

It's not clear whether she has spoken to someone in Tennessee or she has just read the tea leaves. But given the experiences of 2005 and 2008, she's probably not off the mark.

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