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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Gov's plea to Obama

The Governor's take on Barack Obama's win:

As for its meaning, I do have a respectful request for the president-elect this morning. The strategy that produced our national win came at a real cost to Democrats here in Tennessee. We lost seats in the Senate, and this morning we have the first Republican House since the civil-war era. With the red landslide here in Tennessee, and with many counties with Democratic officeholders voting in the high 60s and even 70s for McCain, it’s very hard to swim against that current.

The center has shifted in this election, but America still has cultural divides we need to bridge.

My respectful request is this: I ask you to now reach out to all those people in my state—and across America— who attend small-town churches, who shop at WalMart, but who weren’t quite there for you yesterday; make them too a part of your vision for America. They will increase your understanding of our wonderful country, they will strengthen your ability to govern, and they need you.

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