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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Red States, Get Your Guns

The reports are that there is a rush on gun buying around the country because of fears that somehow an Obama administration working with Congress will move to restrict gun rights. Take Montana, for example:

In Helena, the owner of Montana Outdoor Sports said he thinks a ban on all gun sales is unlikely but expects some form of taxes or restrictions, which is boosting business now.

"We're selling a lot. Especially on the internet. That's where a lot of it is going. We just shipped out about four more hand guns through the postal service," Rex Seeley said.

I was in Knoxville this weekend leading a seminar on citizen advocacy. I know, not as exciting as guns. But guns came up. Some of the participants, many of whom were Obama supporters from all over East Tennessee, said that they had regularly gotten into arguments with their neighbors about gun issues. So it's not surprising that Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey has mentioned 2nd Amendment issues coming up in the next legislative session. Several candidates campaigned on the issue, but then again some of them campaigned on "gay marriage," which they can't do much more about than they've already done. I'm not sure at this point what kind of legislation is planned, but it won't be long until we find out.

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