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Friday, August 14, 2009

Discussion of workplace fairness and equality to begin in Memphis City Council committee

TEP's Shelby County Committee is proud that the Memphis City Council will seek to establish workplace protections for LGBT city employees. The Council’s Personnel, Intergovernmental and Annexation committee will begin discussing a non-discrimination ordinance on Tuesday, August 18 that would prohibit employment discrimination based on religion, race, sex, creed, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity or expressions or other non-merit factors.

Memphis would join Shelby County government and nearly 200 municipalities and 20 states who currently protect gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender employees from unfair discrimination on the job. Hundreds of citizens spoke in favor of similar county legislation last spring at a unity rally and in front of the Shelby County Commission.

This discussion on fairness and equality begins in the middle of a special election season for a new Mayor following Dr. Willie W. Herenton's retirement on July 30 from 18 years as Mayor of Memphis. In keeping with the current city charter, City Council Chairman Myron Lowery became Mayor Pro Tem when Herenton left office. Lowery's service as Mayor Pro Tem during this interim time leaves one seat vacant on the 13-seat City Council. While applauding the intent of the City Council, TEP supports delaying the advancement of the Non-Discrimination Ordinance until Memphis elects a new mayor and all areas of Memphis are fully represented on the council.

When the Memphis NDO comes up for a vote, TEP will be ready to argue the merits of this important legislation along with supporters like you. In the meantime, send messages of support for fairness and equality in the workplace to your Memphis City Council representatives at the addresses below.

Memphis citizens have four (4) city council representatives (1 District + 3 Super District Council members).

All Memphis citizens live in one of the following Council districts:

District 1:
District 2:
District 3:
District 4:
District 5:
District 6:
District 7:

If you live in the Southwest half of Memphis you have 3 Super District 8 representatives:

Super District 8, Position 1:
Super District 8, Position 2:
Super District 8, Position 3: (currently Mayor Pro Tem)

If you live in the Northeast half of Memphis you have 3 Super District 9 representatives:

Super District 9, Position 1:
Super District 9, Position 2:
Super District 9, Position 3:

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