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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fowler on Stanley: Oh, wait, he's too busy with the Metro ordinance

If you're looking for any denunciations of Sen. Paul Stanley's behavior on the Family Action Council of Tennessee's website, you won't find them. Thanks to Jeff Woods at the Nashville Scene, we do know what they consider the real threat to marriage to be--employment protections for Metro workers. That's where they're spending their time.

As their Church bulletin insert notes:

We need to appreciate that God will not be mocked; protecting and even fostering behaviors that violate God’s creational design for marriage and intimacy cannot, in the long run, serve the common good as they undermine the God-endowed foundational importance of the family.

Adultery, photographs, cover ups... are these part of God's design? Where's the outrage, Mr. Fowler? Employment protections are more of a threat than this? Are you not denouncing Sen. Stanley's behaviors because he was one of your go-to guys on so-called pro-family legislation?

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