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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mayoral candidate refuses on-camera interview over expulsion of lesbian couple from his church

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth T. Whalum, Jr.'s response to media inquiries over why his church expelled a lesbian couple from a worship service are only adding to the controversy. Youtube videos of services at New Olivet that are widely available to all provide a glimpse of the animated and spirited worship services held at the church. Dr. Whalum's subjective and vague claim that Yas Meen and Monique Stevens were "boisterous and loud" during the service last Sunday might also describe him and the rest of the congregation when the spirit runs high during services at the church.

His refusal to provide a more detailed description of the "disruptive behavior" he says took place only increases suspicion of the reason he gave for why the couple was accosted and ejected from his church. It is particularly galling that Dr. Whalum would resort to the tiresome claim that a lesbian couple must have an "agenda" if they are attending his church. The only agenda they had was to hear from a mayoral candidate whom they wanted to support. Dr. Whalum and New Olivet Baptist Church have every right to preach the word and worship in any way they wish. But when Dr. Whalum declares that he wants to be Mayor of this city, his appeal must be broader than than the pews he fills each Sunday in church.

Many people have commented on the Commercial Appeal story that New Olivet records video of each church service. Releasing video of what happened last Sunday would help clarify what really happened.

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flipp96 said...

Ok fellow GLBT community please do not believe everything that you read in the newspapers....There are two sides to every story please believe me when I tell you this couple is full of it...While I have no personal dealings with Rev. Whalum I am dear friends with members of his church....Now in no way form or fashion am I for discrimation of any kind or taking sides on this matter.....But I have had dealings with Yas Meen (which by the way is not her real name only an alias)and she is a real butthole....I can believe from my personal dealings with her that she and her girlfriend reacted negatively when asked to leave...They were in a house of worship and they cannot disrupt service in the manner they did....When asked to leave for whatever reason they should have left quietly and from there notified the media of the event...I truly believe in my heart of hearts they went there looking for trouble...Yas Meen is an arrogant, selfish, young woman that does not understand the dynamics of life.....She thinks everything centers around her and if she does not get what she wants she goes crazy.....What is there to say about a woman’s character when you have a husband and child at home (that you home school)and you out flaunting a lesbian lifestyle that you are not totally true to (that is the reason for not showing your face on television)....Please wise up community and do not always jump to conclusions when we all live in glass houses and not one of us wants a stone thrown....Just a thought!!!!