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Monday, August 10, 2009

Help TEP fight the lies and propaganda of the right wing

A Non-Discrimination Ordinance has not even been filed in the Memphis City Council, but a group called "Memphis City Churches" is already organizing against fairness and equality in the workplace.

Memphis City Churches has posted a petition on its website directed toward the Memphis City Council. The petition relies on erroneous propaganda and opposes any ordinance that establishes workplace equality for gay people.

When I look at their website, I notice that Memphis City Churches lists no one they claim to represent - individuals, pastors or churches. This "faceless" organization is spreading lies to the Memphis City Council without having the guts to step forward into the light. The devil quotes Scripture too.

Who's lurking in the shadows plotting against freedom in Jesus' name? A website of this sort costs money, but who is funding Memphis City Churches? If I were a pastor, priest, or church council member, I'd sure want to know.

In this fight for fairness and equality, we often don't know who we are up against. But we know they have deep pockets. Which is why it's so critical to support TEP's efforts to fight them. Consider making a contribution to support the work of TEP so that we'll always be ready to win legislative battles at the state and local level.


autoegocrat said...

They registered the website through Domains by Proxy. Now who was it who used that service a few years back?

Anonymous said...

"Help TEP fight the lies and propaganda of the right wing"
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