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Friday, July 27, 2012

Don't Say Gay bill costs Rep. Joey Hensley Tennessean endorsement in primary

The Tennessean couldn't bring itself to endorse Rep. Joey Hensley in the Republican State Senate primary for District 28.  Instead, they went with Dean Dickey.  Rep. Hensley's sponsorship of the Don't Say Gay bill played a big role in the decision, according to the paper:

Hensley’s tenure in the House has been marred by his preoccupation with divisive, social legislation, notably his “Don’t Say Gay” bill, that is bad for this state and a distraction from matters that voters want legislators to deal with, such as the economy. The Tennessean endorses Dean Dickey in the Republican primary.

The endorsement may not make much difference in this right of center district, given The Tennessean's liberal reputation.  Still, it does provide more name recognition for Dickey outside his Columbia base.

Early voting in the primary continues today and tomorrow.  Election Day is August 2. 

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