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Friday, July 27, 2012

TEP Board member given wrong ballot in Shelby Co.

Michelle & Scott Bliss
By now you've probably heard that the Shelby County Election Commission's incompetence has led to thousands of voters casting early votes in wrong State House, State Senate and Congressional districts. Tennessee Equality Project Board member, Michelle Bliss and her husband received one of those wrong ballots today:
When I heard that David Holt had been given the wrong ballot (he is my neighbor) I went to the voteshelby website and checked my listed districts. I was listed in 93 last week. Today I went to vote and it is showing 98. I cancelled my ballot, as did my husband, and we are NOT AMUSED that we were somehow moved into a district that we are nowhere near the border of according to the state of Tennessee's maps.
Michelle and her husband were savvy enough to catch the error, but thousands of other voters in Shelby County are not so luck. Once a ballot is submitted, it cannot be changed.

Earlier today, I launched a petition calling for the resignation of the Shelby County Election Commission officials responsible for this election debacle. I invite you to participate in the petition at this
link or by clicking the image below.  - Jonathan Cole

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