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Sunday, July 8, 2012

When you vote, don't forget the Don't Say Gay bill

We've said it so many times, we can't keep track.  But it's worth saying again in yet another way.  This year's state legislative races matter.  Here's video from the February House Education Subcommittee debate on the Don't Say Gay bill.  Rep. Joey Hensley, the bill sponsor, is running for a State Senate seat this year against former Rep. Ty Cobb.  And Rep. John DeBerry, who spoke up for the Don't Say Gay bill, is running against Rep. Jeanne Richardson, for the House seat in District 90.  It matters who wins!

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Early voting starts on Friday, July 13.  Make time on your calendar to exercise your rights!

And save the date for our Day of Action for a Better Legislature on October 27!  We ask you to give 2 volunteer hours at locations around the state to help good candidates.

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